Lama x menulis!!!

Wahhhh Kangen ya hendak nulis. Beli aja simpati semasa cuti d Indonesia.dalam Rp3k, Rp35 pulsa (kredit) campur Rp13(pulsa)=Rp51 = rm18. Lumayan sih.


Apa yang ku suka sangat dengan Kerja “memberi ilmu”

Kalau review resume, I work as teacher only for a few months but it last long in my heart. You know why ? Because It gives satisfaction. Mo tunjuk pandai ka?not really. Teaching is not easy,some of your student cleverer than you, intelligent is unpredictable.they sometime ask question that takes a little longer times for you to think.what I most enjoy is when student begin to respect you, listen to your saying,& they loves their teacher. Hahahahaha this is true. I also did this before.

After became a teacher, I become a programmer for almost a year. I did not do any teaching yet I help staff a lot. I know they likes me.they called me instead of the senior staff. I am glad!

Then I become a software tester. I do teaching as well, for new friends whom need to take an exam. For cpre, almost 90% of my students pass the exam, I am glad too.

Now here I am ,in 2014,I do teaching but for year 1& 2 students. For first week,it was really challenging when your students in the class do their own stuff that makes me wanna cry!!! It really shows that I am not exist in their class. Days by days, I shout their names , I warn them though they did not listen at all, the nest alternative ,I used a slow talk with year 1 pupils and they actually didn’t understand what I am talking about😭😱😱

Now it is week 3, I am proudly saying that it is getting better. Yes, it is. Please bring your book is words that student can remember in their way home.i know I will smile if later on reading this again.

hatiku sudah tidak ada di tempat kerja

hari ni keluar rumah awal dari rumah saudara, seawal 6:45 am.. 7:10 am dah smpi ofis.. workg hour 8-5pm. hari ni dah smpi ofis xde idea nk buat apa, rasa nk membaca psl kerja yg berkaitan tu xda. skg ni xda hati dah dtg ofis. ya Allah, ya rabb.. 1 benda yg buat aku kuatkn hati melangkah ke bangunan nih adalah sebab stlah solat istikharah, aku diberi mimpi psl annex.tempat kami training~ bukan la mengata ketua aku skrg ni x bagus tapi aku yg terlalu prihatin dgn dia, tapi biarla.. biarpon aku keja bwh dia, i have my right to say no. walaupon she keep gives me work, others buat bodoh jer then diorg dpt high marks.

s.. hidup nih kena diteruskan, hanya Allah S.W.T tempat aku berpaut..

pasal kegagalan semalam, aku anggap tu bukan rezeki aku. aku xdpt study, ada gangguan emosi, semua tu dah takdir. dari kegagalan, aku belajar bangun semula.

pasal xda hati dekat office nih, aku xleh tolong la.. minta pada Allah, dipermudahkn segala. rindunya pd Allah, sumber kekuatan hati.

u r too precious!

i just realize my weakness. i felt guilty frequently and easy to feel pity to others. then, people start to manipulate.

Things to do:
1. Be sure what I want.

2. Be clear and understand concept of responsibility.

3. Just do it. i always do like that but in the end, it is beyond my capability when it is too much workload

4. Learn to say no with the correct way. please study .

what it is all about?

I am worrying something bad or my mind is empty , i was so dipressed because i am usually stay up , sleep after subuh which is not good for human’s body. Al-Quran is an intercessor for its companian when Akhirat day arrive. I just want Allah to love me, i copy paste this from



I asked for Strength………
And Allah gave me Difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for Wisdom………
And Allah gave me Problems to solve.

I asked for Prosperity………
And Allah gave me Brain and Brawn to work.

I asked for Courage………
And Allah gave me Danger to overcome.

I asked for Love……….
And Allah gave me Troubled people to help.

I asked for Favours………
And Allah gave me Opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted ……..
I received everything I needed!

Sometimes life makes it hard to go through, as we are train to have many request but forgot about our limitation, we fasting to be glad we have a lot to eat and look to the poor. When we give a hand, we feel happy and how much we can give our happiness to other people?

Subhanallah , you know i got something new, just a few moments before i was looking for something that i can help this people but then i got in return , so should i go for this, give free service to my friends?


Promosi terbaru TM adalah streamyx for low-income malaysian , which as low as rm38 per month up to rm109, it depends on the speed for internet connection , beside as the goverment subsidies and TM present to its new customer, it will gives you netbook that 10’inch and the price will be different based on the netbook choose by the customers. If you want cheaper price, ( rm38) the bandwith speed is 384 kbps and unlimited usage of internet, with no-telephone rental and after two months for those successfull subscriber, TM will give the users free netbook with free-delivery and the contract is 2 years, for customers that wants to terminate the contract , they have to pay rm600 and customers do not need to pay the netbook.


oKAy i am just share this promotion because it is cheaper than usual price, which is the BD= RM90 per month , for 512 kbps and free calls for fixed line and 15 cents for mobile phone.


For readers who interested to this promotion, you have to provide your copy of IC and latest monthly salary that verified by employer. But this package have to had the permit from “TM department that handle this promotion”. Therefore, customers have to wait etheir they success or not, there’s no wrong of trying.


Instead of trying that package, students also can subscribe the Streamys for cheap price as low as rm38- rm88, after a month successful subscriber will also get the netbook. This require students to get the ” verification stamp@ cop ” from their university, copy of ic and student card. The requirement is university’s student whose take diploma or degree.


Okay, go to TMpoint for applying the package to take the form, but be careful to the agent that lies to you, don’t give money to them because for, BBPC @ Low income package( household monthly salary <rm5000), the charges will be apply on your first bill. For cool uni pack , you have to pay for telephone installation which is rm85( those who have telephone line, no need to pay this)  and the other activation and installation of streamyx is free.


Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask:) till when.. then TM is waiting for the notice from HQ if the promotion have been expired.