Apa yang ku suka sangat dengan Kerja “memberi ilmu”

Kalau review resume, I work as teacher only for a few months but it last long in my heart. You know why ? Because It gives satisfaction. Mo tunjuk pandai ka?not really. Teaching is not easy,some of your student cleverer than you, intelligent is unpredictable.they sometime ask question that takes a little longer times for you to think.what I most enjoy is when student begin to respect you, listen to your saying,& they loves their teacher. Hahahahaha this is true. I also did this before.

After became a teacher, I become a programmer for almost a year. I did not do any teaching yet I help staff a lot. I know they likes me.they called me instead of the senior staff. I am glad!

Then I become a software tester. I do teaching as well, for new friends whom need to take an exam. For cpre, almost 90% of my students pass the exam, I am glad too.

Now here I am ,in 2014,I do teaching but for year 1& 2 students. For first week,it was really challenging when your students in the class do their own stuff that makes me wanna cry!!! It really shows that I am not exist in their class. Days by days, I shout their names , I warn them though they did not listen at all, the nest alternative ,I used a slow talk with year 1 pupils and they actually didn’t understand what I am talking about😭😱😱

Now it is week 3, I am proudly saying that it is getting better. Yes, it is. Please bring your book is words that student can remember in their way home.i know I will smile if later on reading this again.

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