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lesson learnt

when become a leader, say the dateline is a week after this, at 3pm by 11/7 , instead of saying i want it by today.Yet the next morning u dont want this, i want the other way round. so disscuss early with ur employee.

second motivate them to perform well. praise a good work!

third guide ur employee to get things done.ask for discussion, two heads is better than one.

forth, be clear about what u want to achieve.. and a little more explanation.. emel, sms or etc

fifth, give some bonus . if you r gaining profit..

insya Allah..

hatiku sudah tidak ada di tempat kerja

hari ni keluar rumah awal dari rumah saudara, seawal 6:45 am.. 7:10 am dah smpi ofis.. workg hour 8-5pm. hari ni dah smpi ofis xde idea nk buat apa, rasa nk membaca psl kerja yg berkaitan tu xda. skg ni xda hati dah dtg ofis. ya Allah, ya rabb.. 1 benda yg buat aku kuatkn hati melangkah ke bangunan nih adalah sebab stlah solat istikharah, aku diberi mimpi psl annex.tempat kami training~ bukan la mengata ketua aku skrg ni x bagus tapi aku yg terlalu prihatin dgn dia, tapi biarla.. biarpon aku keja bwh dia, i have my right to say no. walaupon she keep gives me work, others buat bodoh jer then diorg dpt high marks.

s.. hidup nih kena diteruskan, hanya Allah S.W.T tempat aku berpaut..

pasal kegagalan semalam, aku anggap tu bukan rezeki aku. aku xdpt study, ada gangguan emosi, semua tu dah takdir. dari kegagalan, aku belajar bangun semula.

pasal xda hati dekat office nih, aku xleh tolong la.. minta pada Allah, dipermudahkn segala. rindunya pd Allah, sumber kekuatan hati.

u r too precious!

i just realize my weakness. i felt guilty frequently and easy to feel pity to others. then, people start to manipulate.

Things to do:
1. Be sure what I want.

2. Be clear and understand concept of responsibility.

3. Just do it. i always do like that but in the end, it is beyond my capability when it is too much workload

4. Learn to say no with the correct way. please study .

Career ?


i am a bit confused about making decision at the moment either to go or stay???

let the time tell the decision wise.

Yup i have to agree not the good things look beauty. I reached here with my sick uncle, and my stubborn uncle don’t want to stay in the hospital. But finally he follow my advice, just let the doctor make the decision about the treatment. Then , i tell my mom about his condition , which lastly bring my old grandma to take care of him. They stay at the hospital almost a month now.

I am not regret

so sad is not good for health

after fail my exam , what i do to overcome my hard feeling

1. playing games to forget about problem

2. eat sweet and things i like the most

3. call friends who can gives moral support

4. cry a lot

5 as much as i laught a lot too

6. writing about my strength

7.Think about soon Allah will gives u happiness such as partner, wealth, kids, travelling experience.