there are no moral story here. it just i want to write instead of saying it loud.no one cares or no one have the time to even listen. i like to hear what they want to say, at least i have something to figure out. i like the truth, and i like to see strong people around me, who are able to stand still even in a storm, A disaster will turn a way round when people start thinking ahead instead of looking back, “who fault is it?” So every time u are in sad emotion, please ignore your negative feeling, move forward without looking back, and u will find the solution in front of u . The difference is how much u can get along d way and how long u have to be patient before it ends, it’s matter a lot. U will not find solution without pray to Allah.

To be frank, sometime i losing hope in continuing my life, live in a guilty and afraid to lose. maybe i always ignore people as i want to ignore my feeling as well, but i notice the good side of myself. i care more about others more than myself.

Finally, i found myself. i don’t like to be alone. i need support in whatever i am doing.I can be independent , and i hate people look down on me.. or even a sympathies.

Therefore i begin to stop thinking the risk, just go ahead. never lose hope as i flying up to the sky~


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