25th entry ?

i notice i like to questioning even more nowadays. i doubt about many things across my mind, I can’t believe it i made a decision that bring me this far, i wish to live for a better life. it is not about chasing my dream , but because my mom told me to work after my “stress day” at home. I broke up with my bf in the middle of sadness, but the worst thing is my grandpa had left t all of us by june, 2011. it was a nightmare to us, we didn’t expect the thing at all.

I am kinda chill at home because my father want me to stay at home, as he can see me every day after work… i have to admit that he care so much about me.so after graduated from university, i rest at home . and i will say it is certainly “perfect decision”. The benefits are i can be together with my big family, my dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, sham, gurl, Danish. I guess hafiz was in kk.

But after my grandpa left me, I felt sad and lonely, because all the family members cannot even smile, they only crying almost all the time. And the one that I cannot “tahan” when my father put tears on his face…. Wahhh cannot accept that. Then , I am looking for a job and start from a teacher, become a programmer then I really go through a IT LIFE after this.

I wish I won’t regret the decision that brings me to this “IT WORLD”, apart from family. Okay , I’ll tell what I felt for this. I got new friends, 4 of us , I felt very happy hang out with them especially when it comes to “food activity”. Eat is my hobby. They are very “kanak-kanak riang”…hihi

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