new year 2012.

Yesterday,I go through on date for 2011.  The hardest moment for me is on August, 2011,where i have many difficult things to face, then my period cycle happens repeatedly.

I can’t told you how hard it , and it actually made me strong.I believe that the past will never happen again. At the moment, i felt that i cant stand anymore, i don’t have guts to even walk away. I’m stuck and don’t know how to handle that pressure, but maybe as my pray had been hear by Allah subhana wataala,Allah gives me reason to be alive and at this year, i realize that i am strong, i can ease the pain away. Even though it was hurt yet I am so immune to that pain , & I have reasons to live this life. Thank you Allah.As I recite Quran, i find that world is big, it been created in a such way that people is very small. and we are a strong fighter.

Let bypass be bypass, make an amend to be a better girl.. and Love yourself!


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