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i am a big gurl now. i used to be independent, i already proved it.

Encouraging others is incredibly easy.

  1. Understand the dreams of others. Leadership begins with understanding and accepting the dreams of others.
  2. See the strengths in others rather than persistently working to improve weaknesses. Inordinate desire to improve things may create negativity. Spend more time focused on strengths.
  3. Speak hopefully. All great leaders are always realistically optimistic. If you don’t think others can rise up to meet challenges, get out of leadership.
  4. Serve others by helping them reach their dreams.
  5. When possible, meet a need.

Discouraging others is incredibly easy.

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Say nothing.
  3. Be negative.


Life is so mystery as you walk through, you will find that we never know what will happen by tomorrow. Just rest it to Allah, and you will smile a lot! because God gives without you knew it! That’s the miracle of life~ you just enjoy the gift~