I am a job seeker

from send a resume until called for an interview, i almost give up because no job suitable for me 😦

what make me frustrated..
it was 3 months since my graduation day, after 10th october 2010, one adv came out and i applied the kpli, but never get notified by the call for a test and interview. Luckily i have a friend that help me to check my application status.

After that, i get one call for an interview at 10am.. but i cannot attend it at one company at Kota Kinabalu.

Then , going to direct interview for wawasan cepat and IOI. nO answer till now.. that’s mean they are not willing to employ me.

Recently, i have offer from Ralf blees, kk.. it was an IT company, or software counseling. I have to reject the interview because at the day, i am in sandakan.

Then, when i open my email, i saw one message from my ex-boss from TM, he ask me to submit my resume to kk, they are seeking graduated on e-commerce and engineering but unluckily i miss to even send my resume, just late for 1 day :(.

Okay , on 6th jan i got a review with my doctor.I took blood test on 4th. So, 5th i went to have an interview with sri insan, the school did not have any job and the only position available is admin and the sallary that i write down on the form is too high for clerk. So, on 9th october i once again dissapointed because i have miss a test from UMS on 5th :(.

After all whis while, what can i do.. still waiting and trying. Be strong and dont give up


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