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picture more than words..

i want that perfume.. wargh.. strawberry =p

ni la wajah-wajah keriangan ,

All of this picture was taken at our fish ponds ..hahaha.. when my father had took out the fishes out, to clean the water. this kids get into the ponds and bathing there..hahaha.. so funny. just to share you how the funny faces and action that they did during the evening. It was so exciting to see them at the day… and how happy  they are playing with each other. It was so awesome 🙂

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~ this happiness will never ends and it last forever till they growing up and have their own kids & family, and they are still unite.

My danish first day going to school ;-)

my 5 years old brother going to Tadika kemas..


Dalam kereta, excited mo p school. 🙂 everything is still neat and clean , his shoes, pants, clothes and socks.. wait till he know more friends at his school.. :p

He was full of energy going to school at 12 noon. He wake up at 10:30 am and watch cartoon, then take a shower, be prepare and we send him to his school.

5 months countdown

Life is unpredictable, some needs patient, some need self-defense and some also need hate! Why i cannot hate people or things that i dont like to see or hear or even say it! I need a change maybe to be more arrogant and ..uuwwww am i bad ? I have tolerate with many people, be kind to people, since i am 5 years old, i am a good friend but almost everyone jealous to me because i am a teacher’s beloved. So, they dont like to help me while they ask for my help. okay, when i growing, people be kind to you because they need something from u that gives them benefit. Oh my god, don’t ask me to tolerate with people .. and i also don’t know how to do it.

It is good people say it i don’t deserve to won, yes it makes me feel down, i admit it.. I just think to be good , kind , nice and soooo perfectly clear. But stop ridiculuos , people change or you may be hate yourself for what people had think of you or even said to you. I am just fine with myself.maybe i am not. So, i am looking forward to improve my routine to the healthy life, i need priority to be rearrange. Now i am focusing on career, what i will be in 5 years . actually i want to be someone in 2 years .

So , i had my mind.. i make target to give my ability and skill to the IT field, but for the reason of lack of experience and budget and also labor, maybe i’ll go for a stable field, as long it is a guarantee to support my life for this time being. okay today is 12 jan 2011, i only seek for a job until may, when time is up, i will change my mind, i ‘ll go for master. maybe there’s another oppportunity there. insyallah.. but i have another 4@ 5 months to work out.. Please pray for me

I am a job seeker

from send a resume until called for an interview, i almost give up because no job suitable for me 😦

what make me frustrated..
it was 3 months since my graduation day, after 10th october 2010, one adv came out and i applied the kpli, but never get notified by the call for a test and interview. Luckily i have a friend that help me to check my application status.

After that, i get one call for an interview at 10am.. but i cannot attend it at one company at Kota Kinabalu.

Then , going to direct interview for wawasan cepat and IOI. nO answer till now.. that’s mean they are not willing to employ me.

Recently, i have offer from Ralf blees, kk.. it was an IT company, or software counseling. I have to reject the interview because at the day, i am in sandakan.

Then, when i open my email, i saw one message from my ex-boss from TM, he ask me to submit my resume to kk, they are seeking graduated on e-commerce and engineering but unluckily i miss to even send my resume, just late for 1 day :(.

Okay , on 6th jan i got a review with my doctor.I took blood test on 4th. So, 5th i went to have an interview with sri insan, the school did not have any job and the only position available is admin and the sallary that i write down on the form is too high for clerk. So, on 9th october i once again dissapointed because i have miss a test from UMS on 5th :(.

After all whis while, what can i do.. still waiting and trying. Be strong and dont give up