Mengimbau kenangan

Last night, i was hang out with two of friends, we promise to meet at 8:30 but i was late..half an hour.Ups! i am so sorry yarr..

So, what is our destination? Okay, i drove the car and fetch friend , we wait downstairs in the car locked. After 5 mins, my friend get down, both of us surprised with his changes, he become healthier and a bit big. So , i ask for a reason and he said he take the supplement and work out at the gym. Therefore, you can see the muscles in his body.hahahah..but so funny actually. Then , he said ,I also a bit ‘circle’ least not chubby haaa:P

So, my friend , ‘now’ , she wants to go to karaoke. Therefore, we bring her there, a place to ‘menyumbangkan’ songs . We ate a little. Singing also tiring yarr..

Okay, after that, it’s going late at night, eventhough ‘now’ still hungry, but i cannot wait, if not, my father will be mad at me, better take a save way, going home early:)

In our way, driving back to home , my friend inform us that most of our friend had marry and had kids on their own. hehe.. he also give me a look to his girlfriend as to fulfill my wants, and my another friend said ‘if she going to marry, she have to spend a lot of money because his bf is from Philippines, but both of us suggest better in your own country, so that your husband-to be should spend more money to support his family to come here.

Then, one thing i realize in our conversation, in our gang..most of us already had their own partner, and at this age, they are serious into marriage, while me? i do not have any boyfriend, and my heart is half to goin into marriage, i do love kids but yet sometime i feel that i do confuse either what way will i bring my children..

To convince me to love a man is the hardest part, to convince me that he is right for me is troublesome, to convince me that i can live with a stranger also confusing, to convince me that i can be a good partner also hard, to convince me i can go through the pain to give birth..huh…Allahualam.. is better to shut up on this..

So..back to the reality, just waiting my friend’s wedding invitation coming soon..hahaha..wait for their new exp..

i am sorry to tell my own story, i am just think of this..and write them.. Blogging is about writing, ..maybe the moral of the story from above is.. before you come into something, better pray, and whatever not coming yet, is because Allah is giving you another good things that you are not realize..and for me, for being single, enough for me to have loving family and to share and to listen my bad day:) syukur alhamdullillah

***now : is my friend’s name***another friend is one of the cop..he is work in prison***

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