Islam is the best religion

Islam is believe Allah,

the only god , the creator,

the almighty, only Allah,

no other will replace Allah.


Allah gives us everything

& only ask for us to thanks Allah


Allah gives us freedom to choose

Allah gives hidayah to us


We only do a litlle

are we thankful to the ‘rahmat & syafaat’ given?


Islam is the best way of practise,

it gives us ‘nur’ and hidayat when we need it

and other religion cannot help his followers

Believe Allah is the only one


4 thoughts on “Islam is the best religion

    • Your topic is very interesting as u had doubt in your blog. Al-Quran is very sacred and extraordinary powerful to me. I am human and may did a mistake, but AL-Quran will help me to correct the wrong doing. But believe this.. the devil lies is always linger around Yet what Allah had plans will stop the devils action eventhough devils try hardest, they will never win over Allah. Allahu akhbar 🙂

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