MY Brain~

I have been follow one blog that i think was good literature and motivating. While Malaysia had recession, my family have major problem in financial, but our family still can handle it, my dad was the only ‘tunjang penerus kehidupan’. I always think of that, we are big enough but my father didn’t allow me to work. The issue is not because the money owned by my father unsufficient, but maybe Allah want to try our patience and how we react to this situation, as my opinion, my father may covering his problem , he never tell me how tough to earn money,

Syukur alhamdullillah we still can live in this world, when price hiking , my father can sustain. The good news is my brother interested in business, which is very good for him. I do not ready for entreprenuer because high risk , and also high retun of course 🙂

Therefore, let me tell you how this big family can sustain,

1st, because we are really big, eventhough my dad have problem, his family was there to help, no doubt, i had experience when my mom, uncle, grandma, grandpa, aunty and other family members are giving hand when we had difficulties.

2nd, I always this in my mind..because my father was a good man, so everyone was helping him. what goes around comes around

3rd, though my dad have difficulties, my grandmother was live with us and i take it as a good thing, eventhough she always scolding us but i admit i love her so much , and also my grandpa, so because of his son was take care of both of us, Allah help us much.

4th, because my dad was lovely

5th, my mom was kind-hearted and hardworking woman, that’s the good reason Allah help us.

6th, because Allah is ar-rahman and ar-rahim,

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