life is miserable without Goals~

I do have a chance in life to make it interesting, i do same kind of task everyday and find them was boring. I am thinking how to make the things turn to the good things. My dad sad we cannot thinking all along of only “release tension”, and what we should do is think of gold or goal of mine. Start develop one by now. They all always in my head and i dont know how to realizaing the goal. In my thesis, we learn how to make a goal , and the objective and we figure out all the way to achieve the goal. And i had experience the things many time and alhamdullillah i pass the way. I realize one thing most of the time, i cried because i failed to impress the examiner eventhough they do not show the dissapointment but i feel sad because i fail to prove myself that i can do things better. I prefer they angry , shout at us but they didn’t.

My aim for today is many… I close my eyes and open them , and i see my objective of living, for good and sake , it is better not to show off. One of my ex-trainer had told me, life is about making something you are interested in, you just do it for free, but after a long discussion, he told me ” but..” we had mouth to feed.. and i show my impress to the people whom have guts to colour their life with happiness , the path they choose, not because of money and  i like people with arts. Though the earth we live is created by god, there are many arts inside that we should appreciate..see the island, sea, tress, flower ..they are so wonderful. Life become colorful.

Life also count how we treat with dignity, help the poor people and we tawakkal to Allah in everything we do, but bare in mind, don’t give up on your faith..try then pray..and never regret if you fall or hurt a show you can handle a tough things..

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