marriage lost da love

i just finished saw a english american story about top profile marriage facing a problem and in the process of divorce. The woman was so humble in herself. She was a perfect successfull woman that had many scheduled things to be done. The issue was the woman was so busy and she had no time for her family, either her husband and daughter. A big and healthy family used to face this problem because when you are in the power to get things easily, you less appreciate.
It started the husband kind get tempted by a sexy young woman who work in the perfume market, where the husband is trying to buy a perfume for his lovely wife. The story goes bad and become the press story. It become unstable till the woman ask for divorce. The woman’s mom luckily was there when the woman was in conflict, they go for holiday and things gone bad for everybody as times goes by. The guy realize he loves his wife, and the daughter find that his father may be lonely that he met another woman.
Okay, the issue was throughout the story i found that human being cannot make their marriage for whole life without love. If i ever to had a man in life, but i cannot give my loyalty to him, what is the purpose of the relationship. so do the man..

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